about us

The Sounder Sleep Company is committed to providing top quality high performance allergen-avoidance bedding.

We firmly believed that having asthma or eczema, chemical sensitivity or rhinitis should NOT mean having to compromise on the supreme cool comfort of natural fabrics.

So you don’t find us offering allergen barrier encasings for your mattress, pillow or duvet made of hot, noisy synthetics, man-made materials bonded to a plastic membrane, or non-woven fabrics.

Wherever possible our products focus on the comfort of pure cotton, often unbleached and undyed and free of chemical irritants

Our range includes

  • pure cotton dustmite and allergen-proof encasings for pillows, duvets and mattressess
  • natural feather pillows, made boilable to keep them non-allergenic

  • natural wool-filled pillows in eco-cotton covers, naturally dustmite-resistant

  • natural latex pillows, a favourite of those with with asthma, for hypoallergenic, postural  support

  • dustmite proof Dreambags for peace of mind when sleeping away from home

  • natural silk and cotton lightweight duvets

Everything we make and sell has been made to our specifications and thoroughly tested so that you can buy with confidence.

Our bedding

  • does what it says it will do
  • has been tested in the laboratory or by clinical or field trials
  • is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee

You’ll find all your favourite Sounder Sleep bedding at www.allergybestbuys.co.uk where you’ll also see other equally special products to help you cope with your allergy and get on with your life.

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