Featherfresh anti-allergy pillows


We originally made 'FeatherFresh' pillows for NHS and private hospitals because they can be boiled, autoclaved or sterilised and are therefore ideal for infection control. Tests at St James's Hospital, Leeds showed that 'FeatherFresh' pillows could be boil-washed over 300 times without losing their loft and plump freshness.

'FeatherFresh' pillows are made of double stitched dustmite proof cotton with a specially-treated feather and down filling that is hostile to dustmites. So they're safe for people with asthma or dustmite allergies who couldn't sleep on feather pillows before.

FeatherFresh dustmite proof boilable pillows

'FeatherFresh' pillows have featured in the national Press and on TV and are highly recommended for anyone with asthma, eczema, rhinitis and dust allergies.

  • specially treated pure natural goose/duck feather/down
  • tightly woven 100% dustmite-proof pure cotton casing
  • double stitched seams
  • Eco-Tex certified - no harmful chemicals
  • hot wash up to 90°C (200°F) in your own machine
  • line or tumble dry
  • tested at the Medical Entomology Centre at the University of Cambridge
  • tested at the laboratories of the British Textile Technology Group, Manchester