Cottonfresh barrier fabric

CottonFresh is a special 100% pure unbleached, undyed cotton fabric, woven to a tightness that keeps out dustmites and allergens. This makes it an ideal material for pillows and cushions, duvets and mattress covers. Anyone with asthma, eczema or allergies provoked by dustmites will find it beneficial to use covers made of Cottonfresh.

CottonFresh fabric carries the Eco-Tex guarantee of textile purity, guaranteeing that no harmful chemicals, fillers or finishes have been used in the production of the fabric or remain within it. So bedding made of Cottonfresh is safe for anyone sensitive to chemicals.

In tests at the BTTG Laboratories in Manchester and the Medical Entomology Centre at the University of Cambridge house dustmites and their allergen could not penetrate the Cottonfresh fabric.

Cottonfresh can be washed frequently at temperatures as high as 90°C and will remain allergen proof.